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Grouping Product Name Base stock Grades Application
Process Oils
(sorted by grade) Mineral Seal Oil 600 Mineral Oil 4 Mineral seal oil
Tech Spray Oil Mineral Oil 11 cSt cotton gin spindle oil
Lubelf series Mineral Oil 5 to 68 Paraffinic, group I
Lubelf N Mineral Oil 22 Naphthenic, group I
PF&F series Mineral Oil 10 to 100 Paraffinic, group I
PF&F ISO series Mineral Oil 10 to 100 Paraffinic, group II with very low color
Lyran U series Mineral Oil 70 to 500 SUS          (ISO 10 to 100) Low color or technical food grade applications
Finavestan U series Mineral Oil 70 to 500 SUS          (ISO 10 to 100) Colorless pharmaceutical or H1 food grade applications
Nevastane Clear series Mineral Oil 70 to 350 SUS          (ISO 10 to 68) H1 & 3H Pharmaceutical, Kosher, Pareve food grade applications
Brick Oil Mineral Oil 22 Brick release oil
Synthetic Ring Oil Synthetic 22 to 27 cSt
Process Oil N series Naphthenic ISO 32 to 150 Once through applications
Parafine Oil Mineral Oil SAE 30 (ISO 100) Paraffinic, group II
Pure Mineral                                 or Pure Mineral Gear series Mineral Oil SAE 30, 40, 90, 140         (ISO 150, 220, 460) Non-additized; API GL-1
Bright Industrial Oil / Lubelf 460 Mineral Oil 460
Food Grade lubricants
Finavestan U series Mineral Oil 70 to 500 SUS          (ISO 10 to 100) Pharmaceutical food grade oils
Lyran U series Mineral Oil 70 to 500 SUS          (ISO 10 to 100) Low color or technical food grade applications
Nevastane family Mineral Oil, Synthetic Blend, Synthetic NA Premium H1 food grade lubes (sprays, oils, synthetics, Solvents and greases).  Available in mineral, synthetic and synthetic blends.
Vestan family Mineral Oil NA H1 Economical food grade lubes (oils and greases)
Industrial-R&O, circulating
Cirkan family Mineral Oil 32 to 460 Cirkan family is circulating oils.  RO = Rust and oxidation  ZS suffix indicates zinc containing (machine oils).
Cortis family Mineral Oil 150 to 680 Cortis MS= Morgan Bearing Oil (Morgoil) especially used for super demulsibility and antiwear properties.  Cortis RM is a no-twist rod mill oil
Misola family and PMO Mineral Oil,       Synthetic 150 to 460 PMO = zinc based paper machine oil.  MISOLA = Paper mill lubricant.  AFH = ashless, ASC = ashless with EP, MAP SH = PAO ashless type
Preslia family Mineral Oil 32 to 68 PRESLIA = Steam turbine (no AW), PRESLIA GT = gas turbine, SE Jet = polyolester jet gas turbine
Chevron Regal R&O family Mineral Oil 32 to 150 Rust and oxidation inhibited circulating oils
Grouping Product Name Base stock Grades Application
Industrial-Heat transfer
Nevastane HTF Mineral Oil Import.  H1 Food grade heat transfer fluid; Narrow cut white mineral oil
Vulcan Mineral Oil 22 to 68 Dispersant/detergent heat transfer fluid
Diel 6001 S Silicone 50 Silicone heat transfer fluid
Industrial AW (Hydraulic/Circulating oils)
Aerohydraulic series Mineral Oil 15, 26 Premium very high VI products520-S =Mil 5606-G qualified (ISO 15); 930-S = 26 cSt
Azolla AF Mineral Oil 22-150 ashless AW hydraulic oil; zinc free
Azolla family Mineral Oil Azolla ZS or ZS Plus = zinc-based AW hydraulic, HP = high zinc
Azolla family-limited members Mineral Oil 32 to 68  Azolla D =Dispersant AW hydraulic.  Azolla DZF= zinc free hydraulic.  Azolla VTE = Voith,  Azolla VTR = Voith
Biohydran family Seed Oil 32 to 68 Biodegradable AW hydraulic oil family.  AW =seed oil basedSE = Synthetic ester.  TMP = TMP based (tri-methanol propynol)
Equivis family Mineral Oil 15-100 Equivis ZS = Wide temperature range zinc-based AW hydraulic oil.  XV and XLT = very high VI fluids
FR Biohydran Seed Oil Fire resistant biodegradable seed-based hydraulic fluid
Hydransafe family Seed Oil, Water, Synthetic 32 to 68 Fire resistant hydraulic fluid family.  HFA =High water content.  HFDU = polyolester.  WG = Water glycol.
Nevastane family of hydraulics Mineral Oil,     Synthetic blend, or Synthetic 32-100 H1 Food grade oils.  SL = Synthetic AW.  AW = mineral AW.  EP = mineral AW/EP
PAG Hydraulic Synthetic 32 to 68 Polyalkylene glycol based hydraulic oil, water soluble; biodegradable
Synolan AW Synthetic 32-1000 PAO, low temp, zinc free AW hydraulic oil
Vestan AW Mineral Oil 32-100 H1 Food grade AW hydraulic oil
Shell Tellus family Mineral Oil 32-68 Tellus-zinc based; Tellus T-wide temp range; Tellus Premium-Group II; Tellus S-zinc free
Chevron Rando family Mineral Oil 32 to 150 HD-heavy duty; HD Ashless-zinc free; HDZ-high zinc; 
Industrial EP (Gear)
Carter EP series Mineral Oil 68-680 Industrial gear oil with EP / Flenders approval
Carter PG series Synthetic 150-460 Polyglycol industrial gear oils
Carter SH series Synthetic 32-460 PAO gear oil-ashless AW/EP, R&O
Carter SE series Synthetic 150-460 Diester based EP gear oil
Cylan WG series Mineral Oil 220-1000 Compounded worm gear oil
Mist Oil Mineral Oil 68 to 460 Restricted; min. blend; gear oil
OGL 15R Solvent AGMA 15R Solvent cutback open gear oils; With solvent vis@40C=2200 cSt, Flash=110 C
Grouping Product Name Base stock Grades Application
Compressor Oils
Dacnis P 248 Naphthenic 250 cSt Older style air compressor oil
Dacnis PG Synthetic 32-68 Ester/PAG blend
Dacnis POE Synthetic 32-46 Very long life polyol ester air compressor oil (12,000 hrs)
Dacnis SB Synthetic blend 32-68 High quality portable air compressor oil
Dacnis SE Synthetic 32-150 Synthetic ester long-life oil, especially for reciprocating compressors
Dacnis SH Synthetic 32-100 PAO compressor oil
Nevastane SL series Synthetic 32-460 H1 food grade; Synthetic PAO food grade compressor oils
SCN Compressor Synthetic 46 Long life silicone air compressor oil
Synolan 1000 ISO series Synthetic 32 to 1000 PAO based R&O/AW for air compressors or R&O gear applications
Natural gas engine oils (stationary)
Nateria Alpha family Mineral Oil 15W40, 40 Ashless gas engine oil line
Nateria Catco family Mineral Oil, Synthetic 30, 40 Low ash (0.4 to 0.6% ash) gas engine oil.  Family includes Nateria Catco, Catco Plus and Catco XD as quality increases
Rubia Gas 5M family Mineral Oil 15W40 Low ash gas engine oil. Use for mobil or stationary natural gas engines
Natural gas Compressor Oils
Cylan WG Mineral Oil 460, 680 Once-thru reciprocating cylinder compressors
Dacnis NG Mineral Oil 68 to 150 Economical low pressure natural gas compression
Dacnis PG Synthetic 46 to 68 Polyglycol gas compressor oil
Orites Mineral Oil or Synthetic 126 to 270 cSt Restricted–import.  ORITES–Gas and hyper compressor cylinder lubes.  Made from either PAG or white oils
PG-2 Compressor Oil Synthetic 100 Water soluble PAG for high pressure systems, vapor recovery units, etc where gas density is 1.5 or higher.
PGI Gas Compressor Synthetic 46 to 68 Polyglycol gas compressor oil; water insoluble type
Primeria LCG 100 Synthetic 100 Specially formulated for landfill compressed gas (LCG) using PAG
Primeria series Synthetic 100-220 PRIMERIA = PAGcompressor oils (used in refineries for compressing CO2, natural gas or light hydrocarbons). Water soluble
Synthetic NG COMP Synthetic 68 to 150 NG = natural gas compressor oil (PAG, water soluble)
Refrigeration Oils
Ammonia Compressor Naphthenic 68 Economical ammonia compressor oil
HFC Refrigeration Oil Synthetic 32 to 120 Polyolester for compressing Freon 134a (HFC stands for hydro-fluoro-carbon refrigerant systems)
Lunaria FR Naphthenic 32-68 Lubmarine.  FR = premium naphthenic.  Offset to Refrigeration Oil 300
Lunaria NH Mineral Oil 46-68 NH = Ammonia.  hydrocracked mineral oil.  VI is around 80.  resists oxidation
Lunaria SK Synthetic 55 to 150 Synthetic alkyl benzene for very low temperature systems
Plantetelf ACD Synthetic 32-68 Imported polyol ester product for compressing Freon 134a.
Refrigeration Oil 3 Synthetic blend 58 cSt Premium naphthenic ammonia compressor oil
Refrigeration Oil 300 Naphthenic 68 Premium ammonia compressor oil
Grouping Product Name Base stock Grades Application
Chain oils
Bar & Chain Oil Mineral Oil 150 Tacky chain saw oil
Cortis SHT 200 Synthetic 220 Import–VI 105; Greenish ester based fluid for furnaces
FG Hi-Temp OCL or FG Oven Chain Oil Synthetic 220 H1-food grade; Premium polyol ester chain oil (OCL= Oven Chain Lube)
Graphite Chain Fluid Water NA Water based chain fluid
MTC 100 Mineral Oil 100 Economic chain oil
Nevastane EP Mineral Oil 150 H1 food grade; Proofer chains in food plants
Syn-Temp Chain Synthetic 32,150, 150M, 220M, 320 Diester chain oil. M indicates contains soluble moly for friction reduction
Miscellaneous once through (Mold release, rock drill, etc)
Biomoldol 6 to 14 BIOMOLDOL/MOLDOL are the family of mold release products.  BIO are biodegradable.  Biomoldol grade 7=6 cSt  grade 516 is 14 cSt.
Drip Oil Mineral Oil 22 Water well pump lubrication
Finaroc Mineral Oil 68 to 460 Rock drill oil
Graphite Powder Powder NA
Jar Oil Mineral Oil 2000 cSt Oil field product for drilling
Kilfrost Glycol 22 Air tool and pneumatic antifreeze lubricant
Pneuma Mineral Oil NA rock drill oil–not on web
Precision Weaving Oil Mineral Oil 46 Scourable, anti-misting, non-staining
Saw Guide Oil Mineral Oil 100, 150 Lumber mill gang saw lubricant
Synthetic Ring Oil Synthetic 22, 27 Textile industry product
Wire Rope Lube Mineral Oil 22 Penetrating wire rope lube
Drosera MS series Mineral Oil 2 to 320 Machine tool oils.  Drosera MS ISO 2 to 32 are spindle oils.  Drosera MS 32 to 320 are way oils.  Drosera H has good Bijur filterability.  Drosera HXE 
Isovoltine family Mineral Oil 10 410 is inhibited transformer oil
Railroad Journal Oil Mineral Oil 68 Railroad journal bearing oil
Synolan Barrier Fluid Synthetic 5, 15, 32 PAO based seal barrier fluid
Twin Disc Torque Fluid Mineral Oil 4 Twin disc transmission fluid
Way Oil NT Mineral Oil 68 Non-tacky way oil
US INDUSTRIAL PRODUCT LINE CARD–Metalworking, Aerosols & Solvents
Grouping Product Name Base stock Grades Application
Diel family Mineral Oil NA EDM cutting fluids
Drasta family Mineral Oil NA Quenching oils
Lactuca family Water-Mineral Oil NA Soluble oils for drawing, grinding, and machining applications
Lubrilam family Mineral, Solvent NA Restricted–Aluminum rolling oils
Martol family Mineral Oil NA Metal forming oils. Martol EV are vanishing oils with vis <3 cSt
Moldol family Mineral Oil, Solvent NA Mold release oils; concrete forms, asphalt, terracotta, brake pads, etc.
Osyris family Mineral Oil, Solvent NA Rust preventives
Scilia family Mineral Oil NA Dual and tri-purpose cutting oils
Spirit family Water-Mineral Oil NA Semi-synthetics
Valona family Mineral Oil NA Cutting oils
Vulsol family Water-Synthetic NA Full synthetic (water based) metalworking fluids
BD-2 Belt Dressing, Safegard Solvent NA Dressing that adds belt life and reduces slippage.
Chain Drive lubricant, Aerosol Solvent, Mineral Oil NA Calcium grease aerosol for harsh chain environments where mud, water may be present
Safegard Syntac 111, Safegard Synthetic NA Semi-fluid diester grease
Moly 23, Safegard Solvent, synthetic NA Polybutene chain oil containing graphite and moly.
Nevastane 6, Safegard Mineral Oil NA H1 food grade; Tacky, SAE 30 food grade general purpose oil
Nevastane SFG aerosol Synthetic NA H1 food grade; PAO calcium sulfonate grease aerosol for food plants
Nevastane Silicone aerosol Synthetic NA H1 food grade; Silicone mold release agent, lubricates and insulates, food grade
Penetrating Oil 1, Safegard Mineral Oil, Solvent NA Rust penetrant & Solvent.
Penkote, Safegard Mineral Oil, Solvent NA Water-displacing, penetrating oil, aids in disassembly of rusted parts
Spinneret 110, Safegard Synthetic Solvent NA Restricted.  Synthetic fiber spinneret head release agent
Solvents, Detergents & Cleaners
Cleaner CB-20 Water NA Water based cleaner for metal working sumps.  pH 12
CPS Cleaner Mineral Oil ISO 22 Cotton spindle cleaner (soluble oil type)
Diester Flushing Oil Synthetic 38 cSt
Elfclean S 140 Hydrocarbon NA Hydrocarbon Solvent.  140 Solvent.  Flash 142 TCC
Isopropyl Alcohol 99% Hydrocarbon NA Isopropyl Alcohol
Methanol Hydrocarbon NA Methanol
Varnish and System Cleaner Synthetic 30 cSt Ester based compressor and system cleaner
Grouping Product Name Base stock Grades Application
Industrial Greases (multipurpose products)
Calplex family Mineral Oil-CaSulf 1,2 Calcium sulfonate grease family.  Calplex M= with 5% moly for Caterpillar applications.  Calplex HDC = multipurpose.
Multis Complex EP NA series Mineral Oil-LiX 1,2 Blue, slightly tacky grease; #2 is GC-LB rated for wheel bearings
Multis Complex ET family Mineral Oil-LiX 1, 2 Very tack grease.  ET = red.  #2 is GC-LB rated for wheel bearings; ET Moly = Grey tacky grease with 5% moly
Multis Complex HV family Mineral Oil-LiX 1,2 Heavy base oil grease.  HV NA = Red grease.  HV Moly =Grey tacky grease with 3% moly
Multis EP NA series Mineral Oil-Li 000 to 2 Tan, smooth grease for general purpose lubrication
Nevastane HTAW White series Mineral Oil-AlX 00,0,1,2 H1 Food grade grease; being replaced with VESTAN HTAW CLEAR
Vestan HTAW Clear series Mineral Oil-AlX 0,1,2 H1 Economical food grade grease; clear & translucent
Synpro SHC series PAO-LiX 1.5, 2 Base oil varies from 220 to 460; full synthetic
Zeniplex EP series Mineral Oil-AlX 0,1,2 Tan, water resistant grease
Shell Albida Grease Lithium Complex Soap, Mineral Oil 1,2 EMS-electric motors; EP-multipurpose; HDX-shock loads
Shell Alvania Grease Lithium/Calcium Soap 1,2 DTR-Railroad bearings; EP-multipurpose; WFX-railroad wheel flanges; CG-couplings
Chevron Starplex EP Grease Mineral Oil-LiX 1,2 GC-LB for wheel bearings and general purpose industrial applications
Texaco Multifak EP Lithium Soap, Mineral Oil 1,2 Smooth, multipurpose grease, #2 is NLGI category LB
Chevron SRI grease Mineral Oil-Poly 2 Electric motor grease
Industrial Greases (specialty products)
Altis EM Mineral Oil-Poly 2 Non-EP polyurea grease for electric motors
Base Coat; Slip Coat Mineral Oil 6 Boat launching compound (must use both)
Brick Grease family Mineral Oil 6 Lithium =L and sodium =S; Brick grease 42 replaced w/Brick grease S
Caloris family Mineral Oil-Clay 1,2 Non-melt grease for hot, no-drip applications.  Caloris = #2 red, Caloris MS = #1 with 5% moly
Carter Open Gear Mineral Oil-Clay 1.5, 2 Open gear grease in caulking tubes for
Ceran family Mineral Oil-CaSulf 2 Imported–Calcium sulfonate grease.  WR = Multipurpose marine grease.  AD Plus = #0.5 with 1700 cSt base oil;  HVA =#2 w ISO 460 base oil
Coupling Grease Mineral Oil-Li 1 High speed coupling grease
CPS Grease Mineral Oil-Li 0,00 Cotton harvester grease
Cup Grease Mineral Oil-Ca 2,3 Ligh-duty water resistant grease with light base oil (ISO 22)
Finarail Mineral Oil-Li 1 Curve grease with 3% moly
Marson Red Mineral Oil-Li 2 Light duty grease
Marson SY PAG-Li 0 PAG based lithium grease. Specialty biodegradable worm gear grease
Multi Service OGL XH Mineral Oil-Clay 0 Adhesive black grease for open gears or wire rope
Multis XHV Mineral Oil-Li 2 Imported–Wash resistant, heavy load grease (1300 cSt base oil)
Nevastane 2 Plus, Vestan FM Mineral Oil-AlX 2 H1 White food grade grease
Nevastane SFG PAO-CalSul 1,2 Imported–H1 Synthetic food grade grease with light base oil (ISO 46)
TM Gear Mineral Oil-Soda 1 One-pound plastic bags for railroad traction motor gears
Velox 3 Mineral Oil-Ca 1 Black, water resistant grease for water gate valves; wicket gates; dams
White Petrolatum Mineral Oil NA Pharmaceutical/food grade, smooth translucent grease.  Melts 130 F
Indicates Food Grade Product
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