CARDLOCK Fueling System
The CARDLOCK Fueling System is a service that will manage the fuel consumption, mileage, and cost breakdowns for your vehicles.
A P.I.N. (Personal Identification Number) is assigned to each card, similar to a bank card. At the fueling site, the driver will insert the card, and key in the appropriate P.I.N. for the vehicle to be fueled. The card machine gives an option for the driver to enter the odometer readings. The driver then fuels the vehicle. After fueling the vehicle the driver will then, go inside the store to receive a copy of the fueling ticket to be returned to your office. This ticket can be used to reconcile the statement each month.


At the end of each month an itemized statement will be printed and mailed to you. Each card is sub-totaled separately. The date and time for each transaction is printed. Assuming the odometer readings are entered correctly, you will receive the miles per gallon, cost per gallon, and the total miles for the month on each vehicle. The odometer reading are not required to use the CARDLOCK Fueling System. This is for your convenience only. There is another option of entering the vehicle number at the time of each fueling. This feature can be programmed into the card.A summary is printed at the bottom of the statement. The total units for each product used, and the average price, less taxes, are printed. The totals for all applicable taxes paid are separated and printed.CARDLOCK Statement

This is a very sophisticated fueling system, and will save you time compiling vehicle information. This fueling system has been in operation for seven years. There are no limits on the number of cards issued or the number of times a card is used during the month. As vehicles are added or taken out of service, we can make new cards and delete the old ones as needed.

If you are interested in using CARDLOCK for your vehicles or if you have any questions, please call. Our office is opened from 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Commercial Credit Application – .pdf File
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The following locations have been equipped to accept the new, black and white, Cardlock Cards:

Westside Shell                                            Village Mart

214 West Broad Ave                                  Airport Road

Rockingham, N.C.                                      Rockingham, N.C.                          .          


Quality Oil Company                                 Scotland Stop n Shop                             

Hwy 74 & 79 Intersection                         1612 S. Main Street                       

Laurinburg, N.C.                                         Laurinburg, NC 


Conner’s Convenience                Convenience Corner – Hamlet

701 East Broad Ave                                801 Marlboro Street

Rockingham, N.C.                                      Hamlet, N.C.

How to Clean the Magnetic Strip on a Card
By eHow Home & Garden Editor

  1. Rub your card with a plastic bag. If your card is not working, sometimes just rubbing it with a plastic bag can make it work again. The plastic will lubricate the rough spots on the magnetic strip and it will begin swiping properly if it was just a little dirty.
  2. Wet the magnetic strip with water and the tiniest bit of soap (unscented, plain soap). Rub gently with a soft cloth (nothing abrasive) to remove or wash off the bits of dirt that may be stuck to your magnetic strip.
  3. Rub the strip on a sweater. If your card has become misshapen, the rubbing motion of the sweater will warm up the card just enough to make it more flexible, enabling you to swipe it through the slot.
  4. Bring out the big guns if the above methods fail. Use baby wipes. These suckers will clean off almost anything. If you don’t believe it, just remember what they are designed to clean up! Not only are baby wipes are incredibly gentle, they are also extremely effective.


  • Don’t leave your card in your car or out in the sun. Too much warmth can melt and deform your card.
  • Don’t let a magnet touch the magnetic strip on your card. The magnet could erase the information stored on the strip!