Basic Website  – One Year contract $900.00. 

Full color Web Site customized to your business or organization up to 10 pages.  Additional pages of various functions can be added anytime.

Domain Name ( targeted to your web-site.

Includes one email account.  user@

Cleanly Laid Out Pages – Cramming everything on a home page might seem like a good idea, but visitors shy away from cluttered pages.  A simple Welcome Page is recommended to give the user basic information about your site/services…etc

Easy To Find Contact Details and a Separate Contact page.  Provide the user an easy access to your contact information.

Mobile device compatible website.  More than 50% of webpage views are from mobile devices.   It is important for your page to be mobile ready for the “on the go” user.

Additional information will be requested and suggestions can be made during initial planning of your website.   A sample site will be designed and tweaked according to the clients requests.


Setup for a basic site is typically 1-2 weeks.


Please review, and call or email us if you are interested in our services.